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Strategic Services

Efficiency, or controlling costs and resources has been a focus for business for sometime. And as a result, many companies are running highly efficient operations. The new challenge for foreign and U.S. based corporations is relationship effectiveness. It requires the right decision on how and when opportunity resources are deployed, which customers, channels, partners and influencers should be focused on; and more importantly, which ones will carry the company ahead of the competition. Relationship effectiveness is about building the right relationships for the future.

WorldLink helps companies make the right relationship choices from having insiders to guide you on forthcoming RFP’s to sincere prospects in need of your service to influencers who can help close the sale. With a focus on relationship building, WorldLink “rewires” a company’s sales brain to:

  • develop strong sales relationship literacy with senior executives
  • establish a relationship acquisition discipline at decision-making levels
  • initiate a culture of relationship performance

Marketing Solutions

  1. Consultation
    For any marketing program to be successful, it's important to clearly understand your business and the needs you're trying to address. Some of the questions we address with you include:
    • program objectives
    • target audience
    • competitive landscape
    • product differentiators
    • success measurements

    WorldLink works with you to understand each of these critical elements, and help fill in any gaps. Once the market background is defined, the program strategy begins. WorldLink creates the program concept, positioning, and identity for your approval.
  2. Account Management
    With the program concept defined, WorldLink assigns a dedicated Account Manager to oversee overall program execution. The Account Manager works with you to develop a Program Plan capturing all of the program elements and execution timeline. A Program Plan typically covers the following:
    • program background
    • objectives
    • strategies
    • tactics
    • timeline
    • budget

    Upon approval of the Program Plan, the Account Manager holds ultimate responsibility for all timelines and deliverables detailed in the Program Plan.
  3. Execution
    WorldLink provides the specialized resources necessary to rapidly execute each program element.
    • Creative Conception
      • Concept Design
      • Corporate Branding
      • Brochures & Direct Mail
    • Direct Response
      • Assembly and Collation
      • Distribution & Mailing
      • On-Line Marketing
    • Digital Development
      • Web Creation
      • CD Rom Development
      • Slide Presentations
    • Public Relations
      • Product/Service/Solution Launch
      • Executive Elevation
      • Media Relations
      • Analyst Tours

Whether you need comprehensive, fully-integrated programs, or simply support on specific program elements, WorldLink provides experience, competencies, and delivery to ensure successful marketing execution.



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