Relationship Productivity Test

1. Does your relation process set the bar for:

  • Creating market-influencing relationships?
  • Dialogue for client business impact?
  • Develop cross-functional decision maker contacts in prospect/client?
  • Identify transactional entry points?

2. Do you demonstrate:

  • Urgency and drive?
  • Peer-to-peer dialogue
  • Collaboration and breadth?

3. Do you market through success stories building a broader understanding of your capabilities?

4. How Do I:

  • Get my agenda in front of the top industry presidents, boards, owners, investment bankers, industry analysts, industry associations, and conference leadership opportunities?
  • Acquire customers at the lowest acquisition cost?
  • Achieve speed into markets?
  • Position the product in the gorilla marketing environment and how does it stand up to competition to make it a complimentary with an existing flanker brand?
  • Take my current products and grow them with a strategic partner?
  • Get a strategic partner to enhance value and interest in my products and services while helping to identify & brand them?
  • Obtain distribution and/or transmission of my product/service to different geographic areas?
  • Get my product through multiple channels of distribution?
  • Identify, negotiate, and manage that channel of distribution?
  • Take my product/service price, increase the value of the content and how do I market so that my users use it more and retain it?

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